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September/24/2012 16:38PM
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A  poor American farmer looking for a pony in the pile of manure is like dealing with  the mainstream media.



A new Gallup Poll shows 60 percent of Americans don’t trust mass media. Who are the 40% who do, democrats.

As mainstream media uses minutes in free support for Obama’s reelection by pandering to him, or by trashing Romney, people are watching and losing trust. It’s so blatant that it should be illegal. Legal it is, but expensive. Viewers and readers are dropping out. CNN is going out of business, but will pimp for Obama on the last day they operate.

Here are the statistics. While  the distrust is at 60%, last year it was 55% , so pandering to Obama so blatantly cost 5% in one year.

The trust level for Democrats is 58%, Republicans at 26%, and independents at 31%.

Here’s the key point for media executives. Republicans watch the news more, 48%, to 39% for Democrats.

Last week the scam the Obama administration was running on the attack in Libya was exposed. The next day the New York Times chose to ignore that.

This next week the media will be pouring over Romney’s tax returns line by line.

This distrust all started in 2004 when Dan Rather decided to use forged documents to attack George W. Bush. It didn’t stop the media bias, it just made people aware it exists. Every year that awareness grows and the distrust grows with the knowledge.

If Obama is reelected the billions of free advertising provided by the mainstream media will be the biggest factor in that reelection.

The only pony in this pile of manure is the clear fact that they are committing collective suicide. Their ignorance is apparent in their inability to recognize they can’t stay in business by competing for 39% of the market, those Democrats who pay attention to news. Like the dodo bird, most will be extinct.

With distrust growing at 5% a year, and 60% the base, in a  mere 8 years they will have zero trust.

Don’t you wonder what the hell they teach in journalism schools these days? Or, better yet, why do we still call it journalism? Facts are not relevant. Objectivity is not a requirement. Truth and integrity counts for nothing.

TV journalists are like our president. One talent, read a teleprompter.

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