Matt Lauer Grills Bill O’Reilly on Sexual Harassment

December/05/2017 9:15AM
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The is the epitome of hypocrisy.  How can this sleaze conduct this sanctimonious interview knowing full well that he has conducted himself in the same manner ?

Even worse, how does he then go to NBC and ask for $30 million in severance pay? Lauer has been a pig his entire life treating his wife poorly and a lineup of women who describe his behavior as nasty.

This is what we have reading Teleprompter in NYC, making movies in Hollywood, and in the halls of Congress. Why? There are no rules, and without rules, bad behavior becomes normal.

No institution is doing more harm to this country than the so-called press. Here’s a small example. Remember when every news program included the stock market? The phenomenal rise since Trump took office is invisible. I’m on the treadmill at the gym the other morning and four different morning news shows are playing in front of me and all are covering some aspect of the Russian issue. Brian Ross is suspended, not fired, for blatant lying about this. He should be in Texas shoveling Dan Rather’s horse manure forever. A network ever dug old Dan up the other day to comment on politics. Another, Billy Bush. The press has become Tass and Pravda or the loud speakers in North Korea spewing propaganda.

Bad actors doing a bad job of presenting the news.

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Comments (2)

  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    It’s hard to watch the news. I’m back watching Andy Griffith. It gives you a laugh and pretty truthful. Merry Christmas

  2. Al Withey says:

    Tom your are not alone, I have talked to a lot of my friends, don’t buy the RAGS,don’t watch any news and showes like Andy Griffith ,Lone Ranger ,Roy Rogers,HeHaw,and the like

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