Chuck Schumer and his new Version of Class Warfare

May/20/2012 16:45PM
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Would you buy a used car from this man? Something about Chuck, not just his politics, has always made me think he’s a true shyster. A person who would do anything to get what he wants. Not a trustworthy person.

This week proved that to me. He jumped on the Facebook IPO and used the exposure to tell the country that he wants a new law to punish any American with money who denounces his or her citizenship. Eduardo Saverin, the first business manager of Facebook became Schumer’s target for media face time.

New  York Sen. Chuck Schumer unveiled the “Ex-Patriot Act” a day before Facebook  goes public Friday, a much-anticipated IPO that stands to make the already  loaded Eduardo  Saverin a billionaire four times over.

“Mr. Saverin has decided to ‘defriend’ the United States of America just to  avoid paying his taxes,” said Schumer. “We aren’t going to let him get away with  it so easily.”

A Brazilian immigrant, Saverin was Facebook’s first business manager.

“It’s infuriating to see someone sell out the country that welcomed him and  kept him safe, educated him and helped him become a billionaire,” said  Schumer.

Saverin decamped three years ago for Singapore and renounced his American  citizenship in September.

His new country doesn’t have a capital gains tax, and Schumer says this  enabled him to avoid paying the U.S. $67 million in taxes.

“Saverin, he’s a man without a country, soulless,” Schumer said.

The proposal would target some 2,000 other fat cats who have given up their  U.S. citizenship to avoid paying our taxes.

If passed, the change would empower the IRS to take a look at any expat  worth more than $2 million and owing more than $148,000 — and place them on a  list of people not welcome in the U.S.”

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Let’s analyze Schumer’s message. Saverin says he will pay several millions in US taxes even though he’s not a US citizen. He further says he has several millions invested in the US and planned to invest more here. Of course, the Obama plan to raise capital gain taxes to to nearly 24%, the 44% dividend tax, and the 45% estate tax might send more people to foreign lands.

It’s no different than what California is experiencing. As more and more businesses, and people who choose not to pay higher and higher taxes, exit the state, does Governor Moonbeam ban themfrom the state forever?

Where does it end with guys like Schumer? Or, Joe Biden, berating the rich this week when he’s rich himself?

Schumer wants to punish guys like Saverin just to show he can. The US loses in the long run. Saverin just takes all his money out of the country and pays us no taxes. As do the other people Schumer will punish to get at Saverin.

When all Schumer really wanted was all that precious time on camera this week.

Let me tell you Chuck, the more I see and hear you on TV, the more I need to take showers. I’m not buying your Veg-A-Matic, sorry.

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