Resumes of Two One-Percenters

October/30/2014 5:43AM
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One got his first job with his Dad’s pull. He started his career at MBNA, that’s the big credit card conglomerate.  He rose to senior vice president in two years.

He then got a plum job in the Clinton Commerce Department specializing in electronic commerce. Three years later he returned to MBNA as a high-paid consultant to give them access to the Clinton administration. That led to founding a lobbying firm. He brought in $4 million in fees. Then- senator Obama granted earmarks to this lobbying firm’s clients.

He was then named to several corporate board positions. One was Paradigm Global Advisors a hedge fund holding company. That went bust losing clients millions and creating tons of litigation. No problem, this superstar got a board position on Amtrak.

I play golf once a year  at a small country club on the Indiana/Michigan border. I saw this young man’s name on the list they post for members who are in arrears on their monthly dues.

Next, this man, who is 43 years old, got a special waiver to join the navy. It included an exemption to be commissioned an officer without attending officer-training school. This despite a prior drug offense. This was the navy reserve so he could keep all his other jobs. In less than a year he was kicked out of the navy when he tested positive for cocaine.

That’s one-percenter number one. He’s worth well  north of a million dollars. A target of Occupy Wall Street.

The second person got his first job at age 14 busing tables at a Greyhound bus station. He attended college on a partial athletic scholarship. He washed dishes at a soriety house for meals and worked construction in the summer. One summer working a second job as an overhead crane operator at a pipe plant.

He started in the management training program at the nation’s largest bank. He took his army physical, and, when rejected for an old sports injury, he started a new job at an oil company. He rose through the ranks and moved his family 10 times in the first 14 years of the marriage. His company sent him to Harvard for executive education. In a 34 year career he put the maximum in the 401K and held stock options until they were expiring, then cashed them and held the stock. He had no less than 16 different jobs in that career. Each had goals that needed to be met to keep the job or move on. It’s called accountability in the real world.

He retired early because he could afford to retire. He took an active role in investing the lump-sum retirement and other assets he owned after retirement. He dodged  the tech bubble and the mortgage bubble. He and his wife have always lived below their means and saved and invested prudently.

He, too, is a one-percenter.

Who is the first example? Robert Hunter Biden. A loser who has gotten every opportunity through his father’s political connections. Makes you feel real good that he participates on the management of Amtrak, doesn’t it?

How about old dad ranting and raving in every speech about those one-percenters? Playing the class warfare card every day of his pathetic life. Old Joe from Scranton, dead broke like the Clinton’s when they left the White House while creating a multimillionaire coke sniffing deadbeat son.

Who is the second example? Me. And I’m damned tired of being chastised by the likes of Joe Biden. A man who has lived at the teat of the public cow his entire life. I earned my 1% status through hard work and with family sacrifice.

The Kennedy’s, the Obama’s, the Biden’s, and the Clinton’s and all who play the class-warfare card can jolly well kiss my ass.

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Comments (2)

  1. Doug Gordon says:

    A resounding “Here, Here” for this post. I started at age 10 delivering evening newspapers in Phoenix on my bicycle, 110 F in the shade and you’re not in the shade on the bike. I covered 7 square city blocks each night and Sunday morning. I earned 6 cents for a daily customer, 6 cents for a Sunday customer. I had to collect the money from customers, most every week. (No envelops in the paper and mail it in). I went to school 21 of my first 27 years of life, earned a PhD. Got a job with a chemical company, survived the great recession of 1982, moved back and forth across the country to go where the job was. I worked hard, my wife worked hard, we saved and never bought the house the banks said we could afford, lived more modestly. I’ve maxed my 401(k) lately and am also a 1%-er, and feel just like you when I’m lectured by politicos who haven’t done an honest moment’s hard work in their lives but keep showing up for a feed at the public money trough. I chose chemistry which lead to pharmaceutical company jobs, because people actually want to buy the products we sell, rather than what the government is pushing. I hope you enjoy the fruits of your hard work. I’m still working, but mostly for “fun” and to keep busy solving problems, my passion. Thanks for the blog, was faithful reader even when it wouldn’t let me comment.

  2. admin says:

    Wow. That’s a comment. I’m in Phoenix right now and it’s still 92 degrees on Halloween. I did the paper route thing too. Collecting from deadbeats and perverts was great training. Prepared us to deal with today’s politicians. For the scouts we went back and got those papers out of basements no kid would be allowed to enter today. They can trash us all they want Doug, but I’m done listening to a third generation rich jerk who’s running for office telling me I owe a third generation welfare adult a living. What I have left should go to kids and grandkids. Not a government that will send it to Pakistan.

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