Obama’s Fair Share Won’t Fly

September/19/2011 16:36PM
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Last week it was “pass it now”. Obama must have used that phrase 100 times last week. Between the Joint Congress speech and the campaign trail the rest of the week, he sounded like a broken record.

This week, it’s “fair share”. Obama wants millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share, whatever that share might be. Millionaire as defined by those who make more than $200,000 per year per couple.

In both cases, Obama is taking another step toward insuring his first term will be his last. He must be surrounded by people who don’t understand the pulse of this country right now. He needs sage old veterans of political wars and he has academics still popping their zits.

As for the jobs proposal, it isn’t selling. Been there done that and have the t-shirt, that’s the response to his blowing another $450 billion. That rejection leads into the second.

Independents that will keep Obama from a second term aren’t willing to give him another dime. Whether it’s fair share or not, these voters feel the government will just waste any money and they want money taken away from the government not given to them. They don’t care if the people who would be forced to pay can afford to pay or not. They want the government to shrink and shrink a lot.

Obama and his advisers who took the pulse so well in 2008 and campaigned on a winning strategy have lost their stethoscope. They are taking the pulse of far left Democrats, faint as those pulses from those little evil hearts may be, and not from the Independents, the people who put Obama in office. So the big class warfare ploy won’t work.

Yes, the Congress will reject his jobs bill. But, many Democrats will vote against that. Yes, the Congress will reject his tax increase, with many Democrats voting against that as well. He will then have to veto bills approved by Congress on both jobs and budget cuts.

But, his plan all along is to get to this point. He thinks this will give him his platform for the 2012 election. He will campaign that he gave the country solutions to jobs and budgets but the Republicans voted him down.

He doesn’t see the rub with this. Independents would vote both down. He’s left with the loyal Democrats to try to win reelection. We saw how that worked in NY and Nevada last week.

Never in my lifetime have I seen such a misguided president. This man in deep in the woods with no compass and everyone is ignoring his cries for help.

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