Bought a New Washing Machine Lately?

April/08/2011 16:12PM
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Don’t you just love those new light bulbs? States like South Carolina are trying to pass legislation allowing that state to avoid the federal mandate to buy only those bulbs beginning next year. Why? The truth of the matter is simply, it’s a bad idea dreamed up by an incompetent government. The same government that had the biodegradable eating utensils in the Congressional Cafeteria that cost several millions and failed. Like cash for clunkers. Like all energy strategies for the past 40 years.

The Wall Street Journal just published some facts about washing machines.(3-17-11) According to the article, in 1996 when Consumer Reports tested 18 top-loading washing machines 13 were rated excellent and 5 very good. This month the same publication rated all top loaders as “often mediocre or worse”. How can that be? Did all manufacturers cut quality that much in 15 years?

The federal government issued washing machine standards in the early 1990’s. Along with the low-flow toilets. Aren’t they great? The DOE wanted you to buy front loaders. Though far more expensive, they use less hot water since they don’t fully immerse their laundry loads. But, they cost more, create mold problems, and can’t be stopped to put in another item.

In protest, like with the light bulbs, some organization asked the public to send their underwear to the head of the DOE. Several hundred did. This isn’t about change and resisting change, it’s about protesting paying more for poorer quality.

The DOE has ratcheted up requirement three more times. On March 10 the Senate Energy Committee held hearings on a bill to make efficiency standards even more stringent.

If it stopped there it wouldn’t be so bad. But, just like the government programs on wind and solar, it goes further with your tax dollars. The government must subsidize top loaders to get them close in price. So much so that Whirlpool will not be paying taxes on $619 in profits in 2010 with their top loading washer credits.

This is a microcosm of what’s coming down the road from the Obama EPA and DOE. Utilities are mandated to provide percentages of wind and solar and other green power escalating by years. First the government will subsidize the power producers to create this expensive power. But, the utilities will raise rates to accommodate the extra expense not covered. It will be in your utility bills.

Did you vote for any candidate that promised to provide you with a washer you don’t want at a much higher price? Did you vote to pay washer manufacturers billions in subsidies to provide those washers? Did any candidate you know run on the CFL bulb platform? Did you vote to raise utility bills to have GE get obscene profits by producing that expensive power?

Environmentalists, like unions, have this country by the throat. They get what they want and it doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree. It’s all done behind the scenes with lobbyists and then with regulations.

Want it stopped? Then, ask the questions. Force your elected officials to take positions on these issues. They do it because you don’t seem to care. If you don’t care, keep not caring. If you’ve had enough, tell someone.

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