The Volt is an Edsel

March/04/2012 16:31PM
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Obama’s first effort at designing a car for the US motoring pubic ends much like his other efforts at running this country. A big flop.

Obama tried to pimp the car one more time this week. “Five years from now(correction 12 months from now), when I’m not president anymore, I’ll buy one and drive it myself. I liked sitting in it. It was nice. I’ll bet it drives real good. He said the Secret Service won’t let him drive one. Probably because it might catch on fire. Remember George W. Bush driving his old pickup at his ranch? Why didn’t the Secret Service stop that?

GM says it will halt production of the car for five weeks and lay off 1,300 production workers in the process. GM has sold less than 10,000 units despite the big $7,500 incentive from your taxes to buy one. And, 20% of those sales were made to the government. GE announced recently that their employees will be “encouraged” to drive Volts. Encouraged is a soft word. If the employee gets a subsidy from GE for personal car use, that will be eliminated unless the car is a Volt. GE operates like Obama wants the government to operate. If you don’t do what the government(GE) wants you to do, you will pay dearly.

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy says the taxpayer has paid $250,000 for every Volt sold. You are paying for Obama to grow a lemon farm in Detroit. Better there than in Washington. The lemon farms his subsidies to alternative energy, can you say “Solyndra”, are just starting to drop more rotten lemons. First Solar is in trouble and may take the Solyndra Highway to nowhere.

The GM production quota for Volts this year was 60,000. Don’t you hope they make it? If GE and Hollywood can buy that many you may not lose all of your tax investment in this great product.

I’m reading Steve Jobs’ biography. I wonder what Steve would have said about the Volt?

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