41 Million Americans on Food Stamps

October/08/2010 16:07PM
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A record 41 million Americans are now on food stamps. An all-time record. Unemployment is holding firm or moving up. There is some evidence that the Obama crew, true to Chicago dirty tricks, may be adding the people who check you in at the election polling place to the employment rolls. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi reflecting the politics of her district in San Francisco, says we get the biggest bang for our buck from food stamps and unemployment insurance.

And you wonder why the Democrats have problems. The best thing we have going for us now in this country is food stamps and unemployment insurance.

Once we had businesses that were growing and hiring. Once we had new ideas that blossomed into new businesses. Once we had a construction worker who became a contractor and hired twenty people.

Now we have a government that spends so poorly the best thing they can hang their hat on is food stamps. I guess it’s better than a stimulus package that doesn’t work. It’s better than wasted pork. It’s better than giving our money to lobbyists and consultants in the Beltway. It’s better than fraud. It’s better than the Post Office or Amtrak. It’s better than flying Pelosi back and forth to California on a plane that could accommodate 150 people. It’s better than flying Obama around the country to campaign for soon-to-be losers.

It’s better than wasting money on Obamacare for another 15,000 IRS workers. It’s better than giving Congress another raise.

When you look at the whole food chain, you can agree with Ms. Speaker, Pelosi. But, you have to go pretty far down that food chain to find that list. It’s better than a drilling moratorium in the Gulf that creates another 60,000 workers who were well paid to be put on food stamps and unemployment.

How bad has it gotten in Washington when the third person in line for the Presidency says the best bang for the buck is food stamps?

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