If Obama’s Jobs Bill Doesn’t Pass, Here’s the Risk

October/14/2011 16:28PM
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It’s tough enough doing the painful therapy to recover from knee replacement, but then you get the unvarnished truth about what we need to fear.

First, from Nancy Pelosi, young women needing abortions will die on the floor. Wow, that’s cold. Just be left to die on the floor. Of the hospital, the car, the house, what floor? Nancy didn’t elaborate. Just on the floor.

Joe Biden followed up by telling the people of Flint, Michigan they will be raped and robbed more. Hard to believe the crime rate in Flint could go up more, but Joe assures us it will.

Do you see any correlation between these warnings and the signs and complaints of the Wall Street protesters. First, both the statements from Joe and Nancy are not factual. They are just chants to arouse emotions in those incapable of rational thought. They go directly to those in the protests. People who are unhappy, but can’t tie their unhappiness to Wall Street in word or thought. People who won’t stop short of getting arrested to make a point can’t put into words why they would do that. A group that supposedly represents the Green Movement, but will leave so much trash behind that it will take days and millions to clean up their trash.

It seems the next election will line up this way. Those who respond to emotional appeals without rational thought and those who only choose to make decisions through rational thought and ignore emotional appeals.

If Obama can whip you into a frenzy over corporate jets and billionaires, you will get whipped into action. If Pelosi can actually make you believe the jobs bill will save young women from dieing on the floor and Biden make you believe crime will rise without another stimulus bill, you are a progressive liberal.

If you don’t take Rick Perry’s record on jobs as the only proof you need to give Perry your vote, you are a thoughtful voter who won’t give the Democrats a minute of your time this next election.

I don’t do polls or see polls that measure this, but my guess is the voter poll is comprised of more thoughtful rational voters than unthinking emotional voters.

If so, the 2012 election is a lost cause for Obama and the Democrats because that’s where they are going all in on this one. Scare people and get their votes. It’s sad that so many millions of dollars in wasted campaign ads will be spent on this strategy. It could go a long ways to pay down the national debt.

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