Sarah Palin is Appealing to Women Voters

July/26/2010 16:41PM
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Why do women like Sarah Palin? She is adding millions of new conservative women voters. What is her appeal?

First discount the elitist women with Harvard degrees and their Harvard wanna be counterparts. Discount the left-wing female journalists who hate her. Discount the female recipients of your redistribution of wealth. Add all of these up and they don’t comprise a very big percentage of the voting female population.

It leaves grandmothers who raised kids and did it on a budget. It leaves working and non-working mothers who are trying to raise a family and make ends meet in a bad economy. It leaves young women just out of college who can’t get a job.

You see women tend to be less risk averse than men. They tend to believe a family and a country should live within it’s means. They don’t like to see red ink in the family budget. They will shop to save. They will clip coupons to stretch the budget. They will sacrifice so the kids can get those trendy shoes. They put family first.

Sarah Palin talks directly to them. They get her message. She has been there, done that. Until she hit the jackpot, she lived modestly. She went to a no name college. She had nothing handed to her. She is raising a family and doing it while she manages her career. She says she will cut government spending and women believe her. They accept she ran a family budget, ran a state budget and kept them balanced. She’s a real mom, a real person, and speaks a language mainstream women understand.

No one in this country, except Barack Obama, is doing more to convert Independent women and Democratic women to the tea party, which is predominately female, and to the conservative movement.

Whether she can gain enough support to run for and be elected president remains to be seen. But, she does show, like Chris Christie in New Jersey that there are millions of Americans who want straight talk. The fancy rhetoric of Obama is passe. No more lies. No more big slogans like Hope and Change.

Speak plainly and carry a big axe. One that will slash the federal government to chips.

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