I Wish I Could Be Number One

June/30/2010 20:46PM
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 Townhall Magazine published the top 100 people liberals hate the most. As a devoted Tea Party supporter, I’m devastated to find our group is only #7. Come on folks, we can do better. We need to get to the number one spot on this list. We are behind some good company, but our chances for number one must wait until the November elections.

If we do that job right, we should be number one. 

Here are some excerpts from that magazine. 

  As we have watched the ongoing fight in America the Townhall editorial staff compiled a list of the 100 most disliked by the Left. 

As Americans despair over the direction of the country, the actions of the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress, and the efforts of the tea party movement, we have noticed a disturbing pattern: the American Left is trashing everyone who dares to stand against them.The more effective the voices that oppose their agenda, the greater the venom the Left spews in their direction.

It’s this out-of-control behavior from our fellow citizens who are sold out to the ultra liberal progressive Obama agenda to “radically transform” the United States that led us to create this list of “The 100 Americans the Left Hates Most.”

The Massive list of those we believe have the largest bull’s-eyes painted on them by the Left and the Democrat-dominated government. From that list, through a process of voting, debating and prioritizing, we assembled the final 100.There were only two absolute requirements:

1) They had to be living, which is why Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley Jr. are not featured; and 2) they had to be American,which explains Mark Steyn and the Pope’s absence from the list.If you think we’re way off base with some or all of our rankings or believe we missed somebody, please let us know. We want to know what you think, so submit your thoughts to Feedback@Townhall.com.

 #7THE TEA PARTY PATRIOT…Or as the snide liberal Left! calls these patriots, “tea baggers.After Obama’s fevered supporters vaulted him into office this group of self motivated, God Fearing people have done him great damage by doing what the mainstream media refuses to do, expose his agenda. The Left literally hates this group. 

The tea party movement has presented a significant roadblock for the president’s progressive agenda. This boisterous bunch of impassioned patriots has helped the political climate quickly

From a minute Facebook group to a mass movement of millions, the tea party movement is driven by American tradition and is focused on resurrecting the nation’s historical promise. They are everything from self-educated commonsense patriots who love God, guns and Old Glory.

As this grassroots movement continues to grow, liberals know they don’t stand a chance—their agenda cannot stand up to the greatness of America’s founding and the citizens who will stand to defend it.

Rally, fellow Tea Partiers. We need  to be number one. Collectively, we have to be more despised than the current number one, Glen Beck, or even number two, you guessed it, Sarah Palin.

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