Bad Week for Barack

June/25/2010 14:40PM
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This has not been a good week for the President.

A Federal Judge agrees with a lawsuit contending the federal government does not have the right to establish a drilling moratorium. Of course, the federal government did not have a legal right to fire the CEO of GM. Or, take over Chrysler and GM and put the screws to the creditors and the white collar retirees either. Most of what this President does has questionable legal status. He will lose his lawsuit against the state of Arizona on their new immigration law as well.

His general in Afghanistan says some unfortunate things in a Rolling Stone article. Stanley McChrystal says what 300 million Americans already know, Joe Biden is an idiot. And, President Obama is intimidated by a roomful of generals and is detached from the war in Afghanistan and was more interested in a photo op than talking strategy.

Gee, isn’t Obama in hot water for being detached from the oil spill? Wouldn’t it stand to reason that a community organizer who never served in the military might be intimidated in a room full of generals? He is clueless about the military. He was scared to death he would show that. He was worried he might say something really stupid without a teleprompter. Sure, he was intimidated, sure he is detached.

But, Obama was forced to fire McChrystal. He replaced him with his opponent in the 2012 presidential election, David Petraeus. What a coup for Petraeus and the Republican Party. General Petraeus gets to go back to Afghanistan and get things in order. General McChrystal gets to go on the talk circuit and explain why he felt he was working for clowns. Then, Petraeus gets the nomination for president from the Republican Party. It was a really bad week for Obama.

His Secretary of Labor pronounces that illegals are entitled to a fair wage. Hold on, illegals are entitled to what? They are entitled to go home. That’s all they get. This says it all for the Obama team. We need those 10 million votes to defeat Petraeus in 2012. We will do anything to get them. Sue Arizona. Lie about what Obama said to Senator John Kyl when he said he can’t defend the border or people won’t support immigration reform. John Kyl has high credibility. Obama has none. It was a tough week.

Obama wrote an arrogant letter to the leaders of Europe strongly suggesting they keep spending. The UK is cutting spending by 25%. Germany, via Merkel, told Obama to butt out. Not nicely.

A poll came out strongly supporting the loss of confidence in Obama. He is bottoming out, flaming out, and turning to dust.

Remember those fake teeth you wind up and they yak, yak until the spring runs down? That’s the picture the country is getting of Obama. All talk and no action. Now Emanuel will be leaving soon, since he will be eyeball deep in the Blagojevich trial. Maybe the best solution for all would be for Obama to be found eyeball deep too. It might solve lots of problems for the country and the Democratic Party. He could share a cell with the last two governors of Illinois.

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