On This Date,March 23, This Happened

March/23/2010 17:47PM
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In 1742 Handel announced his work, Messiah, was completed. Patrick Henry made his famous speech in 1775, “give me liberty, or give me death.” Fascism became an organized political movement following a meeting in Milan on March 23,1919 under the leadership of Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini. Joe Biden said into an open mike on March 23,2010, “this is a big, f—ing deal.” And President Barack Hussain Obama signed into law health care reform. Coincidence maybe, but certainly inter-related.

A Tampa, FL, hospital night shift reported that after midnight on 3-23-10 dozens of people showed up demanding their right to medical treatment since President Obama told them they had free health insurance. The State of Arizona announced they are now $7 billion further in debt since the health care reform requires them to keep the budget cuts they made or lose federal funds.

First, Joe Biden. How does a clown like Joe escape media attention. How do you feel about this idiot being one heartbeat from becoming our president? Why is Sarah Palin denounced as being intellectually challenged and Biden, who must have an IQ just short of a bush get a pass?

The great work, know as The Messiah, but really just Messiah, is announced the same day the new Messiah, Obama signs into law a document that will bankrupt America. After the elections in November will he be forever known as the ex-Messiah? Mussolini formally starts the Fascist movement in Italy. On the same day, Obama formally initiates the Fascist movement in America. And, the great patriot, Patrick Henry announces he would rather die than live under the heavy hand of the King of England.

Those people in the Tampa hospital are happy to be living under Fascism. Their lives will be better for it, or they think it will.

I feel more like Patrick Henry today. Every day under Obama I see him more like the very king Patrick Henry was ready to die for to gain his liberty.

Isn’t history interesting?

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