How Hewlett Packard Lost My Business

January/23/2010 13:29PM
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Are the chickens coming home to roost with US corporations outsourcing customer service to foreign countries? In my case with Hewlett Packard, they sure did. With US unemployment now over 10% outsourcing is more serious than it was when times were good. What is the cost vs. gain to outsource.

All my desktops for years have been HP. I have bought and consumed at least 6 in two houses. When my AZ desktop became so clogged with files, I needed to change, I bought the latest version HP with Windows 7. It came with zero instructions on printer installation instructions. Seems HP thinks that’s an unnecessary requirement these days. When I went to hookup my old reliable printer, I found it wasn’t compatible with my new computer. It has a serial hookup and the computer requires a USB.

I went on line to find the type of adapter I needed. My model is so new HP hasn’t put it on the web page. To get any information, you need to find the model. So, I made the phone call.

I had the great experience to speak to no less than eight people in Bangladesh(somewhere is Asia) to get the information I needed. Seven men, one woman. Six of the seven spoke the same unintelligible English that Peter Sellesr spoke when playing Gunga Din in the classsic movie, The Party. Each of the eight required the same information. Name, phone number, serial number, etc, etc. I finally asked the eighth if he wanted my dog’s name. The computer group said it was a printer question, the printer group said it was a computer question. My experience with the Bobby Knight anger management classes lapsed. By the end I was literally screaming at Gunga Din. After telling me I needed a new printer that mine could not adapt to the new computer, I really went off on him. That is when he finally understood this was a simple question and told me what kind of adapter I needed. It was $39 at Office Max.

Got the adapter and hooked it up only to find Gunga Din might not be misinformed. I purchased a home service package from HP. After following the links on their web page on hooking a HP Office Jet K-60 to a new HP computer and downloading several patches, I called the home service number. They tried to help, but no one had better luck than me. Some of the patches screwed up the computer and another hour was spent getting that fixed. But, I cancelled the home service package, or tried to at least. The home service number goes right to Gunga Din. The e-mail cancelling the home service package was met with an e-mail telling me I had to call a supervisor. I called Visa and cancelled it without any HP supervisor. HP has decided we are all employees and they are supervisors. Good luck with that.

So today I’m off to buy a new printer which I don’t want or need. Needless to say, It won’t be a HP printer. But, it will be compatible with the HP computer.

I’m sure many of you have experienced this same joy speaking to Bangladesh. Many US companies have lost loyal customers to Bangladesh. Millions of Americans have lost jobs to Bangladesh.
As an curious afterthought, while I am writing this the HP Assistant is trying to update my new computer and fix some of the things I broke trying to add their ancient printer. It almost finishes then I get a message taht it can’t finish because I’m on line. Funny thing, I’m on line writing this entry. How’s that for building confindence that they are really technically capable of fixing anything. Probably Gunga Din trying to get even for all the verbal abuse he got yesterday.

For a small savings and to add to unemployment in America dozens of US companies are losing customers forever.

In addition, if finding Windows 7 is a piece of junk. The great Microsoft Corporation has introduced another bad system. Mac runs ads joking about their failed systems. Yet, they have put out another one. I’m sure as more and more people find the flaws in Windows 7, Apple will get more Microsoft customers.

We can blame politicians for a lot of our problems. But, HP and Microsoft are self-destructing without any help from Obama.

It’s a sad, sorry story about US business today.

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