Cap and Trade–Media is Mute

July/06/2009 17:16PM
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This bill, which will do more to destory our country and economy than any bill ever passed, is expected to go through without anyone describing the contents. The Democrats refused to let the Republicans in the House have the bill to read before the vote. The Democrats who voted for the bill along with 7 Republicans did not read the bill. The bill passed the House and the mainstream media is busy with reporting on Michael Jackson. How bad can this get?

I’ve looked everywhere for information on the bill. It’s non-existent. No one wants to pour through 1,200 pages of drivel. Bits and pieces come out from time to time. Like the fact that you can’t sell a house after 2012 without an EPA energy approval. That in itself should scare the pants off anyone who owns a home. All new houses built after 2012 must meet the California code for energy efficiency.

It will double energy costs in this country. It will make us non-competitive with China and India. Millions of jobs in the manufacturing sector will be lost. People with strapped budgets will be unable to pay their utility bills and buy gasoline. Hundreds of regulations like the EPA approval to sell a house will be initiated. Hundreds of new government employees will be needed to enforce the regulations. All at taxpayer expense.

It’s duplicitous, like the mercury light bulb. Some provisions will increase pollution. Example, in Oregon the bill will not only allow but encourage the burning of wood chips, which will be retitled bio mass. They will be encouraged to thin forests and chip the saplings and burn them to create power to send to the grid. Al Gore and most environmentalists oppose this. But, unemployment in Oregon is high. Their economy is down. The mills are closing. So, we will shrug when it comes to burning chips. But, if you try to burn firewood, you will be punished.

Where are the journalists, where are the bloggers, who put a gag order on the entire country on this cap and trade bill? Try it yourself. See how much data you can get on the specifics of the cap and trade bill. The specifics that the Democrats don’t want you to see.

This is deceptive legislation. Put through in the dark of night and kept under the radar by media and government. And, the death of Michael Jackson. This is the biggest news story in America. Boy, do we have our priorities right. Congress is putting the screws to us and we are getting non-stop news about the King of Pop. A pervert who tried all his life to be white, has white children, and is now the person who brought so much good to African American’s opportunities in America. Did I miss the whole Motown experience?

The public deserves to know what is being done to them. Where is the transparency Obama speaks of when he finds it to his advantage?

Stay dumb if you wish, or demand information. From media and government. Stop the steamrolling legislation. Tell elected officials they are on thin ice.

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