Journalism Needs Government Help

July/17/2010 16:58PM
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In an article in the 7-14-10 Wall Street Journal, the president of Columbia University suggests US journalism needs help from the government to compete with foreign publications. He want a state operated public broadcasting behemoth to compete with the BBC, China’s CCTV, and Al Jazeera. He suggests that those of us in public and private research care every bit as much about academic freedom as journalists care about a free press. Sure, I believe both of those. Especially, coming from the president of Columbia University, an institution that would love to see government control over the airwaves.

Every day I am amazed when I read these editorials by the pinheads of academia. It does help me understand why Obama is sinking in the polls. He is surrounded by these people. They are advising him on every issue. It is no wonder that we are being taken to Wally World. It explains why this country is sinking like a rock. Neither the president nor his advisers ever lived in the real world. They were all educated in institutions with thought processes like Columbia University.

Can you imagine the Obama administration with their own TV network? Tass or Pravda at it’s worst.

The media is dying because they are already pawns for Obama and the people have stopped reading or watching. So, the good people like President Bolllinger want to bail them out. With your tax dollars.

If you want to live in a country with central planning, like the former Soviet Union, just keep supporting Obama and those who think like President Bollinger and his Columbia friends. That’s the game.

Or, we can let the media die of it’s own stupidity. Selling a product that no one wants anymore is a fool’s game. Competing with the other media who sell the same product to a shrinking market is suicide.

I respectively disagree with President Bollinger. I will fight tooth and nail to keep one dollar of my tax money to go to bail out the broken media. I will fight even harder to keep us form having a government network. Shades of Nazi Germany.

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