The Fourth Best President In American History

December/23/2011 16:10PM
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Houston we have a problem. I hear people debating whether Obama is worse than Carter. Carter had the Iranian hostage problem, what happens with the troops are gone for Obama remains to be seen. It may be another embassy problem many contend. Obama has had 10% unemployment, Carter had 20% interest rates. Seems like we have a tough call between the two.

Amazingly, Obama rates himself on Sixty Minutes with Steve Croft, the fourth best in our country’s history. This narcissist really believes that. We have a reality problem. Delusions of grandeur are a serious issue. How can he even consider making this statement?

Nothing indicates how far out of touch with reality than this statement. By what criteria does he rate himself? Money wasted?

He said legislation passed in the first two years.

It does seem running the country should not be judged by legislation passed. If it’s bad legislation, it just make things worse.

This president needs help with goal setting. Sit down and drop him a line and help him understand what goals you believe he should use to score his performance. You might look at GDP growth, for example.

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