NBC Led the Attack on Sarah Palin’s Intellect

January/17/2010 16:20PM
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Even now as she took on a new assignment at Fox News, the other networks trashed the move. No one does it better than NBC. Charlie Gibson started this work. Then, Tina Fey piled on . MSNBC is toxic to Palin.

It’s always the same criticism. She isn’t up to snuff in the brains department. NBC people seem to think they are the creme de la creme in progressive, liberal, urbane intellect. Let’s see where they get that idea.

First, let’s look at where they stand in the big media ratings sweepstakes. Fourth. Once they were first, now fourth. Guess all those brains must be misfiring since viewers keep deserting.

Recently, we saw how really smart they are. They moved Jay Leno to prime time, gave the Tonight Show to Conan O’Brien on a five year contract. Put Jimmy Fallon in Conan’s spot. Leno bombed. Local NBC news affiliates complained they were losing millions since Leno had poor ratings and it carried into the local news.

NBC is being sold by GE to Comcast. Guess even GE couldn’t make NBC work despite all the genius employees at NBC. One, Jeff Zucker, the new President, got promoted for his fine work in taking NBC to fourth place and dropping. Zucker must be one of those people who are so much smarted than Palin.

Zucker decided he would put Jay back at 11:35 and put the Tonight Show on at 12:05. Conan told him to pound sand. So, Conan will leave and NBC will pay him $20 million to be able to keep Jay and move him back where he was until he retires or completely loses his audience in a few years. Wow, I’m so impressed with the intellectual horsepower at NBC. You are fully justified in your insults of Palin’s brains.

But, NBC doesn’t have any shows to replace Jay at 11:00. The Winter Olympics will do it for a while. But, get this the current estimates say NBC will lose $200 million on the Winter Olympics. Gee, so many smart people at NBC.

After settling with NBC, Conan will go to Fox against Jay. He will take the young audience with him. Soon, Jay’s audience will be too old to stay up that late and he will go.

It’s all academic anyway, since Comcast will fire most of the so-called brains at NBC and MSNBC and replace them with people like Sarah Palin who live in the real world and can run things.

In the end, Sarah, who has turned everything she touched to gold, will have the last laugh.

All those effete snob pseudo intellectuals at NBC will be gone and the network will be like Fox and Fox News and employees will be there to make the company money not espouse ideology or trash regular folks like Sarah Palin.

Advice to the NBC people put out of work by the Comcast deal. Go to work for the government. You can be an effete pseudo intellectual snob and not be expected to get results. It’s the ideal situation for all of you.

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