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December/04/2009 19:58PM
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It looks like the sale of NBC to Comcast by GE will happen. There may be objections by the government using anti-trust as the basis. But, more than likely it will happen.

I believe Comcast will go into direct competition with Fox News with far more balanced news coverage.

GE has used NBC to lobby for their direct purposes. Especially MSNBC. Their future lies with green energy and health care reform. They have shown unfair and unbalanced reporting to influence public support for both.

The NBC and MSNBC new personnel had better dust up their resumes. The only way Comcast can change the culture at both stations is to completely purge the staff. They can’t adjust their left wing ideologies to fit a more balanced format. Expect the majority to be sent packing.

Comcast, unlike GE, has no ulterior agenda for running these businesses. They will be profit driven. With a business perspective the Comcast strategy will be to leave the 20% far left wing market to the other stations and go after the 80% market which is tired of biased reporting. They will do well. Fox will find a new competitor with the Comcast version of NBC.

This is just the first of a trend we will see in the media business in the next few years. Fighting for a 20% market is causing the other media sources to lose money. It’s simple survival.

This should be a refreshing start to a growing trend.

The Federal Government will be torn on this deal. GE has a lock on the current administration and wants this to happen. This should out weigh their concern for another media giant that doesn’t pander to the administration. Tough call, but GE will out.

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