The Winter Olympics Belong to the Athletes not Politicians or the Media

February/06/2022 19:22PM
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Not one politicians trained day in and day out for most of a life for a special moment in Olympic competition. Not one sleazy journalist has the special athletic talent to compete on the world’s stage for a gold medal.

But, many of each would stop the Olympic Games for political reasons. Chinese human rights don’t fit their ideals. Don’t fit mine either.

But we watch athletes compete and not talking heads with no interest in sports who try to prevent these young people from pursuing their dreams. So-called woke people who know what’s best for everyone.

If you agree with them, don’t watch. If you love sports and root for our athletes root on.

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  1. Asi vowder says:

    Sorry! You’re wrong on this one.

    The chinese had to waste tons of money to create artifical snow. Certainly did not do well for ‘saving’ the environment. This olympic event was intended to garner goodwill for china(a communist state) who is sweeping a lot of atrocities under the carpet, and the deep state of the US is helping them to keep their commercial relationship alive.

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