The Biden War in the Ukraine

February/25/2022 12:25PM
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A little over a year ago when Trump was President …

  • no inflation.
  • no southern border invasion.
  • gas was $1.75 per gallon.
  • no war in Ukraine.
    But, he did mean tweets.

    Today we have epic inflation, an open border, $5.00 gasoline going to $10 perhaps, and war in the Ukraine. The Biden family’s source of laundered money.

We have a Commander-in-Chief that no one trusts after the Afghanistan debacle. One who has screwed up every thing he has touched. One who many of us believe is weeks, if not months, from being put in an Alzheimer’s home.

He is up against a former KGB chief and is no match. His approval of the construction of the Nord Stream II Pipeline emboldened Putin. Putin knows the USA is the most vulnerable now with a President who has been wrong on every foreign policy position in his 50 years in politics.

Will this become a World War with China seeing this an opportunity to seize Taiwan remains to be seen. But this much is certain Putin is making this move because the leadership of this country is at the weakest now.

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