CDC Tells the Truth About COVID

January/10/2022 17:36PM
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Why Now ?

When Biden and the Democrats can no longer use COVID for political purposes they tell the truth which we have all expected.

Fauci shut the country down to protect a select portion of the population that could have been shut down selectively.

Now that Biden has waved the white flag on COVID, like Afghanistan, it’s the problem the states must resolve.

Couple this with the great suspicion that the Democrats delayed the approval of the vaccines until the election was over.

Basically, the entire COVID truth has been withheld from the public. It worked. Biden got elected on stopping COVID and he didn’t. Nor does he intend to try.

How do you feel about this?

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Comment (1)

  1. Doug Gordon says:

    And now that the death numbers are so bad for the regime, as of early February they will stop requiring hospitals to report COVID deaths daily to the Health and Human Services Administration.

    It’s not a problem if you never measure it.

    When I worked in Texas I asked one of our plant people once what amount of Iodine we emitted from a process that used Methyl Iodide, which they had to periodically add more of. The reply I got was zero. Then he added that they did have to inject a LOT of steam in the flare from the unit or otherwise the smoke came out purple (obvious sign of Iodine). Reason for zero emission: They didn’t measure it.

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