Fauci Must Go

December/08/2021 19:40PM
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This laboratory rat has become this country’s titular dictator. His recent position on the Omicron variant is the classic example . He spoke about the perils of this before he had one scintilla of scientific data.

Data is emerging on what remote learning has done to our youth. The pathetic test scores of the USA vs. the world have dropped further . The suicide rate for teenagers is at record levels.

Federal courts have ruled that almost every COVID mandate Fauci foisted on Biden are unconstitutional. Fauci’s response was “so what” we have to give up personal liberties despite the law.

This quack has done more damage to this country than any elected politician in our history. He still intends to invest your tax dollars in experiments in the Wuhan lab. He hides behind his voodoo science which is Fauci’s belief, not science.

Florida with no mandates has a better COVID record that Democrat states that still have mandates. That’s science.

It’s time to recognize Fauci for what he is. A threat to America.

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