Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

October/18/2021 11:57AM
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Most Americans, including Biden’s advisors, know the mandate to vaccinate or be fired will be found unconstitutional. Then all employers who fired employees illegally will be forced to rehire them and provide back pay.

When I was a kid and I could get a polio vaccination at school I went to the front of the line. Why? I didn’t want to die, be in an iron lung, or limp for the rest of my life. And, we believed it worked. And, it did work. Virtually eradicating polio. The same with smallpox, mumps, measles, and now shingles. Flu shots get 50% every year since they don’t always work.

The COVID vaccines don’t work. Colin Powell, fully vaccinated, died from “complications from COVID”today. We are told we need boosters . We are told symptoms are less severe. Hucksters like Dr. Fauci, who few believe, are selling the jab.

The most unpopular President in my lifetime is making the demands. A man who has lied about everything his entire life. A man who most believe to be a bonafide Alzheimer’s patient. A man who was elected based on a promise to end the Pandemic and struggles as more die this year than last.

So millions lose their jobs, most knowing they will be reinstated while the President gets angrier and angrier and refuses to back down while his approval ratings tank.

This will not end well for “Let’s Go Brandon.”

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