Worst Decision in History: Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal

September/01/2021 20:44PM
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Let’s see how Biden would have handled other situations in history.

The horse at the gates of Troy. Biden “roll that big-assed horse in here so we can see what’s inside.”

Three Mile Island . Biden would say it was a blessing . He stopped this country from building any more unsafe nuclear power plants.

The Titanic.Biden would have shoved women out of the way at the life boats if he were Edward Smith the captain. Come back and told the world “ it was a huge success.”

The Hindenburg. Biden would have filled it with hydrogen instead of helium then after 96 died talked up the 35 who survived.

Prohibition. Biden would blame Congress by saying “do you think I would stop drinking?”

The Ford Edsel. Biden “it’s a great automobile, the marketing department screwed up the introduction. “

Biden made a total mess withdrawing from Afghanistan. It’s all on him. He responds by celebrating it as a success. Polls show it’s not selling with voters.

Biden’s hope is this will all blow over like Hurricane Ida. That is unlikely as long as there is an operable internet is Afghanistan. The heinous acts the Taliban will commit will be seen by the world.

Will Democrats send a contingent to the White House like Republicans did with Nixon?

It’s not over.

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