Pritzker Orders Mandatory Masks

August/26/2021 21:51PM
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The health conscious Governor of Illinois first mandated masks for all school kids. Now, he mandates masks for all public indoor activities. Shopping, dining, gyms, etc.

COVID deaths in the state are 253 YTD in Illinois. Of the 253 61% were immunocompromised. And, 89% were 65 or older. Most were unvaccinated. The seven day average of deaths is 19 per day. In contrast, we have this: Police say that 445 homicides have been recorded so far in Chicago in 2021, compared to 446 during the first seven months of 2020. … During the first seven months of 2021, there have been 1,973 shootings in the city of Chicago, with 2,471 total victims.Aug 1, 2021

So there have been 192 more shooting deaths in Chicago than COVID deaths in the state of Illinois. Are bullet proof vests mandated in Chicago.

Pritzker is more concerned about unhealthy, unvaccinated old people dying from COVID than people being shot and killed.

So those of us who are vaccinated must mask up for the morbidly obese like Pritzker who don’t vaccinate. The kids must mask up because the teacher union contributes millions to Pritzker’s campaign.

Illinois is right behind California with problems. Like bad roads, crappy schools, high taxes, and people leaving. The big difference, California is holding an election to recall Gavin Newsom. Illinois just takes it.

If Newsom is recalled Pritzker will acknowledge that masks don’t matter which there should be data to prove , but the CDC deals in politics and opinions, not facts.

Keep pushing us Governor. We are reaching the point where a recall petition will be starting.

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