America Lost A War

August/19/2021 21:49PM
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Biden Hands Afghanistan Over to the Taliban

What did this country lose in Afghanistan?

A war for sure. The mighty Taliban has us over a barrel.

We have 10,000-40,000 Americans trapped behind enemy lines. We have a weak President showing weakness to the world. There is no plan to fix this problem. The Taliban has the only airport in Kabul surrounded. They can close it off if they choose.

We gave them the embassy. In that building were the payroll data for all the Afghans who have been true to us for 20 years. Including home addresses.

We gave them the weapons we left behind. The Chinese are reverse engineering our most sophisticated equipment.

This will not turn out well and Biden can’t survive. But, Kamala is not an option. She is in hiding either by request or to avoid the stench of the Afghanistan mess.

It is frightening to realize we have a President deep into cognitive dissonance. Backed up by worse.

The people who did this to our country should be mentioned. Obama for one. Jill Biden as well. The media that ripped Trump for four years and hid Biden’s damaged mind. The Democrat Party that now has to find a way to avoid the damage Biden has and will continue to do to the party.

America deserves better.

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