A Lawless Nation

August/04/2021 21:28PM
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The Supreme Court decided the eviction ban put in place as part of COVID relief for tenants could not be extended.

Progressives like AOC refused to accept the law of the land. Since they control Biden he went to his advisors to find a way to break the law.

The result was to have the CDC issue an executive order extending the tenant relief until October 3, 2021.

The head of the CDC Rochelle P. Walensky was a college professor last year. She is now the Rochelle P. Walensky , titular President of the United States defying the Supteme Court and the Congress of the United States. The court ruled that only Congress could extend the eviction ban.

Where does that leave us as a country? No longer a nation of laws. Can Ms. Walensky declare war? Shut down businesses? Arrest Cuomo?

The progressives see corporations owning apartments as the loser in this decision. I see small business people who rent out a house. The government can tell you you are no longer entitled to collect rent on your leased assets and the lease contract is null and void.

Biden has turned this country into a lawless nation. Murders are up, overdoses up, illegals welcomed through the border ignoring the law protecting our border.

Is this the country you want?

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