COVID is Back

July/19/2021 19:55PM
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Once again every TV news story opens with a COVID threat. Front page on every newspaper. Hospitals are filling up again. Kids must be masked up when school starts. Science not from CDC, which says no need, but from the American Association of Pediatricians. Don’t like one scientific answer just plug in another you like. Seems like the problems are all in red states. Convenient.

Damned anti-vaxxers. The President threatens to go door to door and drag them out of their houses for a jab. Illegals pouring across the border unvaccinated and with COVID are not a factor. This so-called expert may come knocking on your door if you don’t have a vaccine card.

That plane load of Texas Democrats who fled to protect voter fraud traveled on a private plane mask-free. When questioned about not wearing masks on a plane the spokesman said all were vaccinated. But, 5 came up with COVID in DC.

Guess God knew the election was rigged and chose this to make a point.

Progressives destroy everything that’s good in the country. From sports to the Boy Scouts to individual freedom they are testing our capacity to defy them .

I say any parent who accepts putting you kids in masks when school starts in the fall is a failure as a parent,

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