Biden and Voter Laws

July/14/2021 8:32AM
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Biden prepares his Philadelphia speech on voter laws.

This week President Biden made the most idiotic speech any US President has made in my lifetime. He equated the voter laws in Georgia and Texas to the Civil War. The voter laws in his home state of Delaware are more stringent than the proposed laws in the aforementioned states.

He seems to be panicking on voter laws just as the Arizona election audit is about to be announced.

These results are wrapping up.

Thou protesteth far too much Joe. Mentioning Jim Crow twice in this speech. Democrats created Jim Crow to keep minorities from voting. Polls show 80% of all voters want ID’s for honest elections. Biden’s people who write his speeches read these polls. Do they think the media can continue to provide cover so the Democrat Party can keep election fraud alive?

Maybe so. The media is hiding the Cuban protests quite well by recreating COVID panic stories. And, lying about why Cubans are in the streets. Either calling it their right to peaceful protests which doesn’t exist in a Communist country or saying the protests are about the lack of COVID vaccine. The truth is the Cuban people have had 60 years of what Biden’s people want for this country and they want real change.

We don’t need rigged elections or anything the Democrats are selling today. Just cast your eyes to Cuba to see that future.

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  1. Bobrt says:

    What a bunch of Trumpy malarky – the voting laws in Delaware do not allow the legislature to over rule the will of the voters – those being passed by the red states, do!

  2. Sausages says:


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