Biden’s Big Trip

June/12/2021 10:25AM
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Biden’s trip to Europe will be radically different than Trump’s.

Trump told the European leaders they had been taking advantage of us. He began collecting overdue NATO dues, reprimanded them for buying natural gas from Russia, and explained his America first plan.

European leaders see Biden as a career politician who was elected illegally and is a senile sap they can fleece. Like Kamala who is busy handing out your tax dollars to Guatemala and Mexico while skillfully avoiding the US border.

Next Biden will meet with Putin. In an interview Putin was asked to compare Biden and Trump. He called Trump exceptional and Biden a “career man”. You can do the translation. God knows what Putin will extract from our village idiot.

This is what the media in this county desires. They will slap lipstick on the pig and hide the bacon the foreign leaders will strip from him.

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