Fauci Gives Another Mask Update

May/18/2021 20:17PM
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Masks don’t work, masks are mandatory, two masks are better. Now, masks are unnecessary .

Biden called Governor of Texas a Neanderthal for lifting the mask mandate . Texas had zero COVID deaths last week. This week Biden lifted the mask mandate as he and Fauci say it’s OK to leave the mask off indoors.

The media are rounding up morons who say they will wear masks forever. The mask control the media has helped Fauci sell is just too delicious to abandon.

So we know know there was never any science in the mask mandate. It was just a tool to generate fear and use the public to keep their neighbors in line.

I am going on everywhere mask less. The stares I get from those still wearing masks (99%) are precious. When questioned I say I’m following the science from Fauci.

It’s time to take our freedom back one mask at a time.

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Comments (5)

  1. Doug Gordon says:

    I basically agree with your argument about masks. 95% of people I see wearing them do so incorrectly. Any man with significant facial hair, virtually no effect on any exhaled particles, (Recall I worked in R & D in the chemical industry, where we fit people for respirators against chemical contamination breathing …)

    However, while I love Texas, I must take issue with your statement about new deaths there. Assuming you can believe the criteria being used for COVID deaths (I question the methodology), Johns Hopkins University website lists 17, 22, 54, 66, 55,63, and 37 new COVID deaths from May 9th to the 15th (my definition of last week).

    I still think Biden calling Texas Governor engaging in Neanderthal thinking was ridiculous.

    I’m not quite at the point where I won’t wear a mask in some situations, don’t want to make waves. Traveling in Texas I’m surprised at the number of business still having signs about making mask wearing mandatory.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    May 17, 2021,
    04:05pm EDT
    Texas Reports Zero Coronavirus Deaths For The First Time Since The Pandemic Began

  3. Doug Gordon says:

    OK, on that one date Johns Hopkins reports one death. For days on either side the numbers are like I listed above.

    Sounds like a reporting glitch to me rather than a real low new deaths count.

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