Systemic Media Evil

April/21/2021 10:27AM
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We were told by President Biden that we are a nation of systemic racism. I believe Biden has systemic dementia and read what AOC wrote.

I refuse to accept the mantle of guilt the media and democrats want to hang on me because of George Floyd.

The evil media wants to use the Floyd death, which was clearly a murder by a rogue cop, to give the high ground on race relations to the democrat party. The media was instrumental in creating the rioting and looting last year. They would do most anything to recreate it this year. I call that systemic evil. When you ignore the hundreds shot and killed in Chicago and focus on one death to label BLM and use it to kills dozens more in riots you are truly evil. When he preponderance of cities where blacks are dying in large numbers are blue cities, the democrat party does not have the high ground in race relations.

Overkill usually fails. The media will do that and fail.

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