Everything Offends Someone These Days

April/12/2021 9:46AM
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The cancel culture is hard at work. Deciding for you what you find offensive when you don’t.

First it was Huck Finn. Then it was JK Rowling. Last week it was the “The Muppet Show” this week Dumbo.  Statues were torn down. TV shows boycotted.

So far I have been indifferent. My life doesn’t change based on Aunt Jemima’s absence. Spending $76 to fill my car does irritate me since Biden wants gasoline to go away.

But, this does offend me. Biden’s border mess. I am offended by kids being abused mentally, physically, and sexually. I don’t think drugs should be pouring in through that border to my neighborhoods. I disagree with importing more poor to join the homeless across this country. I don’t want this country to become California. I don’t agree that this is a humanitarian effort, it’s an effort to import Democrat voters to make this a one-party country, like California. Did I mention the criminals and potential terrorists that cross that Biden open border?

Biden and the media dismiss this as not a problem.  But, even the media is having a hard time selling that and they are beginning to turn on this mess.

But, my ultimate offense on this is when Biden appoints Kamala Harris to fix the problem and she does nothing and laughs about doing nothing.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    I swear years ago there was a Murphy Brown episode where as usual Murphy said something that offended folks in Iowa. The producer decides to take the whole cast to have a town hall meeting in a gymnasium in Iowa. Somebody stands up to make an opening statement. Someone in the audience stands up and says they are offended by that statement. The whole rest of the show consists of somebody being offended by anything that a previous speaker said.

    Sadly I’ve combed the Wiki episode synopses for the show and can’t find the episode number.

    It was ahead of it’s time, apparently, maybe it offended people and they didn’t catalog it in the Wikipedia.

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