Biden Oversteps Support

April/25/2021 9:54AM
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There is not a mandate for the Democrats in Congress. The Senate is 50/50 and in the House the Democrats now have a 2 person majority.

Pelosi is feeling the cold breeze in her face. She pulled the bill to pack the Supreme Court. Joe Manchin won’t vote to eliminate the filibuster. Nor, will he support the infrastructure bill as written.

Biden is proposing an increase in capital gains tax from 20% to 39.4%. Won’t happen, but Congress may try to pass a scaled down version.

The border crisis and higher gas prices have pushed down Biden’s approval rating. He assigned the border issue to Kamala and she is doing nothing and laughing about that.

Biden will give a speech to a joint session of Congress next week. Biden has been working on the speech for weeks. This week he accused the nation of systemic racism. He will present his version of police reform in the speech. He will take credit for the work Trump did in bringing the vaccines to the country. He will take credit for putting COVID  on the run as cases escalate in blue states.

Fact checkers will run out of ink noting the lies he spreads.

Clinton held the record for the largest audience in 1993 with 67 million viewers, Obama averaged 40 million and Trump 44 million. Biden could go either way. Record numbers could tune in to watch a train wreck or the prospects of acute boredom could set a record for fewest viewers.

Stay tuned. Biden’s strings are being pulled by the far left side of the Democrat Party and they are still not satisfied. Tim Scott will give the Republican response. And, Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) will also give a far-left response to the Biden speech. Viewers can see just how radical the Democrat Party has become.

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