Biden Cramming for his First Press Conference

March/25/2021 9:15AM
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In the business world an executive is expected to know his business well enough to take questions from various sources. Trump did hundreds if not thousands of press conferences, Q and A’s , and impromptu sessions with the media.

The media sold us this damaged man as President. They continue to hide his obvious mental condition. You are expected to buy their agenda.

The Obama press conferences were 5 questions pre-selected with 15 minute speeches by Obama on each. Biden can’t do that.

This is a high wire act without a net.

Most of us who live in the real world realize we have a President deep into dementia. He was sold to us by an evil media. This will be a rigged prize fight. The media will look like they are throwing punches and Biden will try to respond. It will look like the Washington Generals playing the Harlem Globetrotters. .Once in 1971, playing as the New Jersey Reds they beat the Trotters ending their 2,495 game losing steak. Kids cried.

Biden may get through this with help from the media, playing the role of the Washington Generals, but it won’t be pretty.

The United States is seen by China and Russia being on the decline. Electing an Alzheimer’s patient President does nothing to deter their thinking. Kamala is now the border czar dispatched to fix Joe’s mess. Only problem, she wants the border open.

The world will be watching today prepared to see the Washington Generals lose again.

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