The Silencing of the Trump Voters

January/10/2021 10:05AM
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You must accept the fact that the trespassing of the Capitol is 100% due to Trump. Why? The media in this country tells you it’s an undeniable fact. Speaker Pelosi tells you it’s an impeachable act.

Trump’s challenge to the validity of the election incited this. Polls showed that 70% of Republicans agreed. Even 14% of Democrats agreed. Congress has an 18% approval rating with the media below that and dead last is trust. They tell us there was no fraud and you must stop suggesting there was or you are potentially responsible for any further protests that might turn violent like all the BLM protests did. Those were acceptable.

Trump has been banned from Twitter, Face Book, and most social media. Biden, the great leader who will bring moderate verbiage to the country called Cruz a Nazi for backing Trump.

Like most Communist countries, those who disagree with the leaders are silenced.

Eighty million of us have no voice.

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