Blowhard Biden Leads by Lying

January/27/2021 10:37AM
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Biden in October, 2020, in an interview with Hillary’s leg humper, George Stehanopoulos:

Biden: “Well, I got to get the votes. I got to get the votes. That’s why, you know, the one thing that I — I have this strange notion, we are a democracy. Some of my Republican friends and some of my Democratic friends even occasionally say, ‘Well, if you can’t get the votes, by executive order you’re going to do something.’ Things you can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus.”

First order of business as President, 37 executive orders.

By Victoria Knight
Wednesday, January 20, 2021 (Kaiser News) — This story also ran on PolitiFact. It can be republished for free.It’s in the nature of presidential candidates and new presidents to promise big things. Just months after his 1961 inauguration, President John F. Kennedy vowed to send a man to the moon by the end of the decade. That pledge was kept, but many others haven’t been, such as candidate Bill Clinton’s promise to provide universal health care and presidential hopeful George H.W. Bush’s guarantee of no new taxes.

Now, during a once-in-a-century pandemic, incoming President Joe Biden has promised to provide 100 million covid-19 vaccinations in his first 100 days in office.

“This team will help get … at least 100 million covid vaccine shots into the arms of the American people in the first 100 days,” Biden said during a Dec. 8 news conference introducing key members of his health team.

Now, Biden ups the ante by saying he will deliver 300 million doses by fall.

He will do neither.

First, many Americans, mostly his liberal base will refuse the vaccine.

Second, inept governors must deliver the shots into the arms and they can’t get their acts together. Guess which two states are lagging in this regard? New York and California. States that Biden will work to make the rest of the country into with his liberal agenda.

We can expect four more years of lying.

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