Of Course the Election was Stolen and They Will Get Away With the Theft

December/05/2020 9:09AM
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Look at who Trump has fought for four years.

The FBI, the CIA, half of the Republican Party, the entire Democrat Party, Facebook, Twitter, and his own Department of Justice, the CDC, Fauci, Hollywood, the entire media, academia, China, BLM, ANTIFA, and your dumb assed neighbor who buys everything from all of the above.

The Democrats hired a known corrupt fool in Biden to go along with the theft. They tried every dirty trick in the book to depose Trump and failed.

How damned dumb is the public to believe they didn’t know they would lose the election and plan the fraud months in advance.

As we see now, there are no cops to arrest them.

You pay the price.

You are now officially a member of Venezuela . Like the way the governors are shoving you around. Just wait.

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