Biden Buyer’s Remorse

December/15/2020 8:12AM
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biden and the truth


The Democrat Party picked him because he was easy to maneuver being deep into senility.

Then they found how deep into senility he was. Basically brain dead, so they locked him in the cellar.

Then they found he was a thief. Better to steal an election with a thief than a moral man.

Then he was elected. By fraud, but he was a fraud, so no big deal.

Then the world began to realize he was a thief. Barr did a nice job hiding that.

Then he spoke to the nation last night and millions of legitimate Biden voters experienced severe buyer’s remorse. A stuttering, stammering old thieving politician who needed his phony doctor wife to get him off the stage.

Suddenly, most Democrats are wishing Trump and the Supreme Court find a way to erase their mistake.

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