The Presidential Election Will go to the Supreme Court

November/27/2020 8:22AM
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Remember this? For 57 days it appeared Al Gore was our President.

gore won't concede

Now we have this:

Lawsuits are filed in Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, and Nevada.

Here’s the facts as shown in that Pennsylvania hearing(above). The Democrats began two years ago to put in place mechanisms to rig the election. Based on voting by mail. Then COVID came along and gave them the excuse to sell the deal. First and foremost they needed to know how much to cheat in the battleground states. There was no broken pipe in Georgia, video shows there wasn’t. But, counting stopped as Trump was creating big leads in these states. They needed to know how many bogus mail-in votes were needed to win.

Like most crimes there are far too many clues on the biggest crime in American history. Too many people had to be recruited to pull this off. Too many levers had to be pulled. Sending ballot to people who didn’t request one, dead people voting, mass printing of the same ballot with only Biden marked, etc.

The crimes are being exposed. President Trump is silent because he has been advised to be silent by his lawyers.

There are several key questions. The high level people in the Democrat Party who engineered this must be worried the investigators are cutting deals to rat them out. When the Supreme Court hears this , and they will, what will the vote be? The violence that would come from a court decision overturning a Presidential election might verge on a war. Much would be directed at the Justices who voted to do that. Three new Justices would required a lot of personal courage to vote for this.

The next two weeks will be critical times in this nations history.


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