Forgiving Student Loan Debt

November/19/2020 6:55AM
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We better pray for the election to go to Trump. Or, the two senate races in Georgia to go to the Republicans.

I will make this simple.

Democrats will forgive student loan debt.

Socialism fails because politicians give more away than they can collect from productive members of society. This is the classic example.

Citizens who worked their way through college, paid for their kids education, and are funding their grandkids education get to pay twice. They have now adopted those who took loans, didn’t work, and got degrees that pay less than their loan payments.

Soon you will pay for a illegal immigrants health care with a flood of new illegals coming in to vote Democrat forever.

When your taxes grow to the point where it’s not productive for you to work any longer, you are forced to be a avowed Socialist.

Then you learn to dumpster dive since there’s no food in the stores.

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