Did the Democrats Steal the Election?

November/07/2020 8:51AM
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Despite what the media and Democrat politicians tell you there is such a thing as election fraud. The city of Chicago hasn’t had an honest election in my lifetime.

With this election there is ample smoke. We don’t blow smoke here.

The Democrats spent a great deal of time in the courts getting vote by mail, late deadlines, etc. approved before the election.

The vote counting seemed to be progressing well on election eve. Then the counting stopped in battleground states. Trump was leading in most if not all. In GA, NC, PA, WI, AND MI. Then miracles began for Biden.

A 4AM dump in Wisconsin of 65, 000 ballots were 100% for Biden, a 4AM dump in Michigan of 138,4999 ballots 100% for Biden. Biden has a record vote far surpassing that of Obama in 2008.

Then there’s the glitch. A county in Michigan caught it. The computers using Dominion software took 3,000 Trump votes and transferred them to Biden. Forty seven counties in Michigan use this software and so do 30 states. A program called hammer and scorecard was supposedly developed to adjust results on the Dominion software.

Now postal workers are blowing whistles all over saying they were instructed to change postmarks. Affidavits are being signed.

The FBI is in Detroit and Justice Alitio has issued an order in Pennsylvania to segregate late ballots. Nevada has a law that you must have been in the state for 3 days prior to the election to vote n the state. There is a challenge that mail in ballots were sent out to voters who did not qualify and they voted anyway.

Trump has filed lawsuits in several places. Georgia is going to recount. Rumor is that Stacy Abrams ate 11,200 ballots there.

In swing states the votes for Biden vs. the senate candidate are much higher than historical comparisons. Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in major cities in non-battleground states but in Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Pittsburg, he was up 76K, 67K, and 28K.

In Michigan a man born in 1902 who died in 1984 voted. He applied for an absentee ballot on 9/11 and submitted it on 9/19.

Judicial Watch did a study that showed that 352 U.S  counties in 29 states have 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens.

It would appear in this closely-contested race that there is enough evidence of potential fraud to do investigations.

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