November/02/2020 9:28AM
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This comment was on an earlier blog of No Smoke Blown.


It’s blatantly obvious to anyone that’s done an ounce of statistical research that we’ve been LIED TO this year about the deadliness of the Covid-19 virus. It’s only statistically dangerous to people over the age of about 75 (close to the human lifespan) and 94% of “Covid deaths” have had 2 or more comorbidity factors that may be the actual cause of death (They can’t really “prove” what the actual cause is; they just know Covid is “present”).

I read conspiracy theories on Usenet back in the 1990s that talked about leaked documents of a coming false flag event worldwide that would be used as an excuse to either round people up into camps or scare them into massive government and/or societal changes using FEAR as the primary weapon along with LIES from government sources. Some of these theories were linked with crazy notions like the “New World Order” or even aliens to really make them sound outlandish. It all sounded like so much nonsense, but I can’t help but compare the way the world has been handling this virus to those scenarios and thinking they have a heck of a lot in common. I’ve even seen comments from many powerful individuals say point blank that this virus is an “opportunity” to affect change in everything from Climate to Economics to various Eco and Wealth divides.

When it’s statistically PROVEN that people under the age of 60 have less risk than the common Flu (and people under the age of 20 have no statistically significant risk at all) that this is all a load of CRAP used to push some agenda, from who will be elected President in the USA to trying to push and contain the European Union after Britain decided to leave (with countries like Sweden thinking of following suit now being ostracized and demonized over their handling of the virus when they’re doing BETTER than many countries that locked down hard and pushed masks!) Sweden was predicted to have 85,000 deaths by the end of May and they’ve had 5800 total with over half their deaths from nursing homes and 95% were over the age of 70! Less than 600 died in Sweden under the age of 70 with no lockdowns and no masks and YET they keep telling us that MASKS will somehow magically save us all when a 2015 study put cloth masks at 2-4% effectiveness against the Influenza virus and now suddenly they magically work wonders! IT’S ALL EXAGGERATED AND/OR LIES.

The sad thing is even in an age where it’s been proven most news is politically biased or “fake news” that most people STILL believe whatever the hell they’re told on the news! They’re all saying it so it must be true! That was the basis of Nazi Germany’s propaganda program! Repeat the lies over and over until most people believe them. We’re seeing the same thing now despite the actual statistics being available and doctors that you’d think would know better. It’s unbelievable. History just repeats itself over and over

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