Double Shame Will Reelect Trump

October/24/2020 7:42AM
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Pollsters acknowledge Trump supporter shame and fear distort the Presidential polling this year. This understates his support.

What no pollster has acknowledged is the second shame distorting the polls.

Democrats who realize Biden is a senile, incompetent, corrupt, serial liar. Worse, they see he has a short expiration date. Harris is a Communist and they detest her.

These double shames distort the polling statistics two ways. Trump is getting more votes than the polls show and Biden less.

A ten point Biden lead in the polls might actually translate into a ten point Trump lead.

Hard to tell what this means to the rest of the ticket. Will Biden voters who vote for Trump also vote for Republicans running for the House and Senate? Only time will tell.

But, double shame will give President Trump four more years.

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