Biden and New York City

October/04/2020 7:40AM
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This is what the Biden handlers will do to your city, town and state. Kamala Harris will make Bill de Blasio look like a rookie.

Look around you. It’s everywhere. Democrats aren’t voting for the Democrat Party, they are voting for the Communist Party. How long did it take de Blasio to destroy NYC? How long for Chavez to destroy Venezuela?

Pick a Democrat run city where you want to move? Portland(nightly riots), San Francisco( homeless living in streets), Chicago(shooting gallery), Seattle(Boeing moving out).

Walter Reed Hospital. Republicans and good hearted Americans there supporting a sick President. Democrats there screaming for the President to die and trying to crate violence.

Pelosi holding up the stimulus bill for small businesses for the bailing out of those aforementioned cities and states that already outspend their capacity to tax their citizens so they tax you.

Like those toilet paper shortages this year? Venezuela has food shortages just like the USSR did and Cuba has always had.

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