A Dishonest Media Can Destroy America

October/28/2020 6:59AM
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Trump supporters got it four years ago. The media hates Trump. So, those of us who pay you to do honest work are supposed to sit and watch as you so-called journalists spend 100% of your time producing biased crap to try to unseat him.

You supported the Russian hoax 100% because it was too much work to investigate.

Your supported the impeachment 100% when a moron could already see Burisma paying Hunter Biden a dime was pay to play.

You have covered up Biden’s Alzheimer’s 100% to elect anyone other than Trump.

Now, you and the FBI have covered the China crimes by Biden and left it to Hunter Biden to do the investigative work. You will cover it through the election than expose what you have covered to dump Biden. Gifting this country the equivalent of Castro, Kamala Harris.

Castro used the media to get elected then to slowly covert Cuba to Communism

Trump and the voters are all that stands between you and Cuba.

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