Classrooms Without Teachers

September/02/2020 14:52PM
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I have nothing against the profession of educators. I do question why it seems to be the only profession that can’t be working today. I have teachers in my family and a granddaughter studying to be a teacher.

It occurs to me teachers are making a big mistake by refusing to do classroom teaching. In this era of COVID new models are being developed for many businesses. Business, in general, is finding they may not need offices as employees are finding working from home makes sense.

Here’s a model for education. Eliminate the teaching position. Have virtual education in existing classrooms. Have a Large screen TV in every room. Classes are taught on the TV by the top educators in  the country on every subject. Every school in the country gets the same level of education by the same format. Every classroom has a non-professional person to take roll, administer on-line exams and maintain order. Student questions are passed to the room monitor to be texted to the main location for responses. students go from class to class like they do now, just classes without a paid professional teacher. No change in extra curricular activities.

Millions can be saved with a higher level of education and more than likely higher test scores.

Let’s face it the educational system has remained largely unchanged for generations. Teachers and the unions may be forcing the hand by refusing to teach.

You delicate flowers take heed. This nation pays you the second highest tab in the world to have despicable test scores. People are maxed out on property taxes trying to support this obsolete system

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Comments (4)

  1. Larry says:

    Another square hit on the nail Bill.
    Thanks again for the effort you put into your blog.
    The kids are getting cheated by the teacher’s union.
    It will be difficult to regain the losses the kids are experiencing.

  2. MaryLou Rosemont says:

    An expensive multi-million dollar project to update the high schools in our district was recently voted in after previous failed referendums. Now our taxes are hiked up with renovations going on while students are not even using the facilities. Another total waste of tax dollars.

    • Scott says:

      Are you concerned the building being renovated will never be used or should they wait until students are in the desks before they start demo and construction?

  3. Scott says:

    You’ve never been in a classroom since you graduated have you? Education is not something that can be replaced with a TV and supervisor.

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