President Trump’s Acceptance Speech

August/28/2020 8:23AM
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When the speech ended on Fox News and the panel came on to help those who can’t make independent judgments anymore Chris Wallace opened with “it was too long”. Eight  million TV sets clicked off.

The barrage of media criticism was intense and followed the Wallace format. None was directed to content, or almost none. Just as the criticism for the past four years was never about results.

The American public has been dumbed down by the media to pay attention to their ideas not develop your own. This began over 50 years ago when Soap Operas used sex to sell soap.

While the speech was going on the Biden supporters were conducing a riot of sorts on the perimeter. No protesters at the Biden house or during the Democrat Convention. And no flags, no God, no platform, and no true candidate either.

Advertisers spend millions for a 30 second spot on the Super Bowl, this is how much consumers can be influenced by TV. Media outlets provide Biden and the Democrats billions in free fake news to influence the elections. Don Lemon of CNN  admitted it when the warned Biden the riots were killing him in the polls. This is journalism today. Biden responded immediately by suddenly taking a feeble interest in law and order.

So  here it is. A Democrat candidate who could barely get through a 12 minute scripted speech identical to one he gave years ago with platitudes, attacks, and dogma and no platform or the incumbent with a track record and a plan who spoke for 50 minutes with energy.

The Democrats do have a platform. But, it took Trump to show the plan and the implications.

You buying the sizzle or the steak?

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