Crazy Times in America

June/27/2020 9:12AM
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The rioting and looting is over, time for the media to move back to beating the Coronavirus drum.

Testing is up, cases are up, but deaths are down to lowest levels since early March. But, some governors are mandating you must wear masks outdoors at all times.

ayn rand

The Democrat Party has become the Party of Hate.


democrats hate

But, keep this in mind:

not going after trump

Today everyone is offended by something. Including me:

i'm offended

Two  years ago I predicted this:


2020 prediction

So, here we are. The Democrats have a candidate deep into senility. Hiding in a basement. Demonstrations all over the nation. Democrat cities, many with black mayors and black police chiefs, like Chicago, proving electing black leaders is not the answer. A city like Minneapolis deciding they don’t need a police department. Sales of guns and ammo outstripping supply. Statues being torn down and a city block taken over by anarchists in Seattle.

Polls telling us the man in the basement has a double digit lead over the President who had the country in the best shape in decades before the virus hit and can do it again.

What caused this? How did we go from great to not so great in 3 1/2 months.

The press(media today) that is supposed to be the watchdog to protect us from corruption has become corrupt. From top to bottom they have become a lapdog. A lap dog of the far left promoting a cause and the people can’t find alternative to the incessant promotion of that cause.

dog humping obama

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  1. Alberta Stevens says:

    AGREE 100%. Democrats are Hell Bent on trying to take down OUR POTUS, the man who has done MORE for the USA than anyone in the past 20 years. I am counting on OUR GOD to oversee his re-election whether I’m here or not.

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